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Oregon Family Abuse Prevention Act (FAPA)

Requirements for Getting a FAPA Protection Order

1. Age

You must be at least 18 years old, or If you are younger than 18:

  • Your abuser must be 18 or older, and

  • You must be either married to (or previously married to), or involved in (or previously involved in) a sexual relationship with that person.

2. Relationship The person who abused you must be either:

  • Your spouse or former spouse,

  • An adult with whom you live & have a sexual relationship,

  • An adult with whom you had a sexual relationship in the last 2 years,

  • An adult related to you by blood, marriage, or adoption, or

  • The other parent of your child

3. Abuse

In the last 180 days*, the person who abused you must have:

  • Physically injured you or attempted to physically injure you,

  • Placed you in fear of imminent bodily injury OR

  • Made you have sexual relations against your wishes by using force or threats of force

* Any time period when the person who abused you was in jail or lived more than 100 miles from your home does not count as part of the 180 day period.

4. Continued Threat of Abuse

You are in immediate danger of further abuse, and the person who abused you is a threat to the physical safety of you or your children.

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